1. Participants may consist on teams or individuals.
  2. Submission must be done on this website filling all the mandatory fields. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  3. The methods used to make the prediction must be described adequately. Contestants not describing the used methodology will not be considered.
  4. Multiple submissions are possible for teams or individuals, as long as the approach and methodology are substantially different.
  5. Questions can be submitted on this website. Questions and answers will be posted on this website.
  6. Deadline for submissions is 15 May 2023 at 00:00 (CET)


Predictions will be evaluated following a scale from 0 to 100 points, where 50 points correspond to each one of the two tests. Each beam contestants will have to predict the following idealized bilinear curve.



Scoring Method
Specimen S10H1A Specimen S10H2D
P 1,failure = 25 * (1-error) 1,failure = 25 * (1-error)
1,cr = 5 * (1-error) 1,cr = 5 * (1-error)
2,failure = 5 * (1-error) 2,failure = 5 * (1-error)
δ 1,failure = 2.5 * (1-error) δ 1,failure = 2.5 * (1-error)
δ 1,cr = 2.5 * (1-error) δ 1,cr = 2.5 * (1-error)
Failure Mode? = 10 if correct Failure Mode? = 10  if correct
= 5 if secondary = 5 if secondary
Max Points S10H1A = 50 Max Points S10H2D = 50
Maximum Total Points = 100


For each one of the predicted values, the following error norm will be used:

error = |experimental - prediction| / experimental

Moreover, a prediction of the failure mode is requested. This can be chosen from a proposed short list of potential failure modes or described by the contestant as well. If the prediction matches the observed failure mode 10 points will be awarded. In case that the predicted failure mode is observed as a secondary mode then 5 points will be awarded.