The experimental data and the submitted predictions have been processed. Please find an overview on the results page.

Dear contestants,

We would like to thank everyone for their effort and contribution to our blind prediction contest. The results have been processed and the winner will be announced at the Fib symposium on 5, 6 and June 2023 in Istanbul. For those attending the fib symposium, the special session 3D06 will be devoted to this blind prediction contest where the experimental results and prediction results will be presented.

We look forward meeting you at the conference and thank you again for participating in our contest.

Best regards,
The organizing committee

We would like to inform you that the submission deadline is extended by two weeks


The new deadline is:

15 May 2023 at 00:00 (CET)


The submission forms for the blind prediction contest are now available at the submit prediction page.

Make sure you provide your predictions before the deadline on May 15, 2023.

Some items have been added to the Q&A section

Supplementary sectional detail and top-layer reinforcement descriptions are updated to the structural drawing (check on the download section).


  • In the detailed structural drawing, the reference line used for the reinforcement layout might not be in line with the center line of the loading (P1).
  • The location of the loading point (both P1 and P2 ) shall be referred from the specimen description file (Figure 1) .


The blind prediction contest is now open for everyone who wants to participate. 

  • General information about the experiments can be found here
  • Some background and detailed information including structural drawings can be found on the download page
  • In case you have some questions, you can ask you question with this form
  • Before you ask your question, please check the Q&A page if the anwser has already been given